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Why are your prices so low?

A more appropriate question might be Why are prices so high in the U.S.? We're not entirely certain as to why such a price discrepancy exists but our best guess is that U.S. consumers are paying a disproportionate share of the drug companies' Research and Development costs.

Where are you located?

Our business is based in Osorno, Chile.

How do I know the drugs I buy from you are safe?

Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, the United States is not the only country in the world with clean, modern manufacturing facilities and strict regulatory oversight. Chile's thriving pharmaceutical industry produces products on par with a U.S./Western level of quality. In addition, Chilean law requires local pharmaceutical companies to comply with the Code of Good Manufacturing Practices.

Where are your drugs manufactured?

Our generic drugs are manufactured by the more than 40 pharmaceutical companies here in Chile, as well as laboratories in Argentina and India, while our brand name pharmaceuticals are made in many of the same plants as the drugs sold in the U.S.

Do I need a prescription to order from you?

No. In most instances, Chilean law does not require a prescription for the purchase of pharmaeutical products. However, the FDA may require you to provide additional documentation when your order arrives in the United States.

How much do you charge for shipping?

Shipping via Registered Air Mail w/insurance is $25.00, plus 5% of the value of the order, worldwide.

How much is a "unit" of medication?

A unit is a single dose of a medication; i.e. one tablet, pill or capsule.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide, including wherever you live.

Why don't you answer my e-mails?

We respond to all e-mails. If you are not receiving our e-mails, they are most likely being intercepted and deleted by anti-spam software, as many of the products we sell are keywords for spam filters. To ensure that you receive all communications from us, our main e-mail address,, should be added to your whitelist.

How long does it take for my order to reach me?

We typically process orders within 3-10 days after we receive them. Transit times via the postal service vary greatly from 2-6 weeks. Be patient!

Where's the tracking number for my order?

If a tracking number is available for your order, it will be posted on the Order Status page.

It's been several weeks since my order was supposedly shipped. Did you guys really send it or are you just a bunch of crooks like so many other online pharmacies?

We are in business to deliver high quality products at an affordable price. Given the difficulty of getting and keeping customers as an online foreign pharmacy, ripping off our clientele would be one of the dumbest things we could do. Remember, despite our best efforts to ship your order in a timely manner, there are two other entities involved in the chain of delivery over whom we have no control: the postal service and Customs authorities. Their performance/interference, or lack thereof, play a significant role in the delivery of your order.

Why don't you accept PayPal?

PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy prohibits the use of their service by foreign internet pharmacies.